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       El Elyon Learning Center is a Bible-centered Christian educational field of ministry that will exemplify in providing quality and transformative education that will give impact to the community for the glory of God.



     As El Elyon Learning Center aims to provide a dynamic education which has a God-centered and Bible-based curriculum, pupil related programs of education and a hands on experience and skills with the use of technology and to uphold the standard of scholastic excellence and to strive its end to impress Christ in the hearts of children.




As El Elyon Learning Center stands in the portal of the new millennium holds to endeavor to nurture and to care for children to become productive citizen and to guide them according to what God wanted them to become someday. This includes the following objectives:

An agency of transmitting moral and spiritual values based in the Bible.

A mission field to saturate the gospel in community through an active teamwork of the school and home.

An avenue for children to experience developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Institutions that will maximize Filipino values and culture that are deteriorating.

An environment for children to express themselves and learn freely with the use of educational facilities and materials.


Posted December 5, 2011 by EELC

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