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El Elyon Learning Center believes that:

           The child is a unique individual, a precious gift from God with innate talents and skills that needs to be developed.  He must be nurtured with love from the parents, teachers, and all the adults involved in his life to grow to the fullest and attain his highest potentials as a person.  He needs to interact with his environment and explore different experiences with freedom and guidance from adults.  He has a need to be holistically developed in all areas such as cognitive, physical, language, and emotional, social and moral or spiritual values.  The life of the child is full of curiosity and adventures but then a reality that he is yet undergoing the stages towards adulthood.

         The school then must provide a safe and conducive environment for the child to explore, discover and positively express his ideas.  There should be an appropriate and indigenous materials and activities for the development of the child. It must be a place where a child not only learns but also love to stay and can enjoy life at his young age.  It is the school that helps in the fulfillment of his dreams and ambitions in life, trust and faith in God to be able to reach out to other and to learn, enjoy and appreciate the purpose of life.
The teacher then has the more important role to play in the learning experiences of the child.  He is a guide, facilitator and a specialist in a development learning of a child. He must be knowledgeable and equipped in helping the child to grow and develop as a person.  He views his profession as a commitment and calling not only to the child but to Jesus the Master Teacher.  He must be ready to meet challenges, changes and improvements in teaching field.  He must be a good example, a mature individual and a responsible Christian for the child to follow.


Posted December 6, 2011 by EELC

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